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When creating a work of art, it’s important to start with the right materials.

At Fafard®, we know it takes consistent, high-quality growing media to create floristic masterpieces, which is why our mixes are made with only the finest ingredients. At Fafard® we are masters in helping growers and gardeners achieve plant perfection.


Corydalis: A Charming Spring Shade Perennial

Corydalis solida 'George Baker'

Endearing little sprites that carry flocks of dainty, spurred blooms above clumps of ferny divided leaves, tuberous Corydalis (crested larks) are among the most valuable early-spring “bulbs” for shade. These low-growing perennials have long been known to horticulture: the most familiar of the tribe, Corydalis solida, has been kicking around gardens since at least the …

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Garden Herbs of Spring

A fresh pot of spring parsley ready for the picking.

Spring is full of small revelations: the smell of thawing earth, the sight of early crocuses and the taste of the season’s first herbs. Some of those herbs are old standbys like chives, parsley, dill and cilantro. Others, including lovage, chervil and sorrel, have an equally long history, but are less well known today. Now, …

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Easy Spring Container Gardening


Bountiful spring containers are a joyous way to reign in the new season. Nothing welcomes spring better than exquisitely orchestrated collections of potted flowers. The key is choosing suites of plants and pots that are seasonal and complimentary—whether the compositions are simple or flamboyant. Some gardeners take their spring containers very seriously—planting up bulb and perennial …

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Garden Planning 101


In February, home gardens may be covered with snowdrops or blanketed with snow, depending on climate zone and the whims of Mother Nature. Either way, it is time for garden planning. New ideas are ready to break dormancy, even if the outdoor plants aren’t quite there yet. Somewhere there is a vast garden planning spectrum, …

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