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When creating a work of art, it’s important to start with the right materials.

At Fafard®, we know it takes consistent, high-quality growing media to create floristic masterpieces, which is why our mixes are made with only the finest ingredients. At Fafard® we are masters in helping growers and gardeners achieve plant perfection.


Good String Beans for the Garden

purple podded pole

Whether bush or pole, wax or green, string beans are an essential part of any good vegetable garden. Their flavorful pods are rich in protein, and the plants fortify the soil with nitrogen—making them the best rotation crop to follow heavy feeders like tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.  Replenishing legume crops are also wonderfully easy to grow, …

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The Summer Garden Harvest Revs Up


As summer starts to wind down, the harvest revs up. August finds many gardeners harvesting daily, as the hard work of spring and early summer is transformed into bountiful crops. Vegetables, fruits and herbs hover at the peak of ripeness, almost crying out to be picked. Flowers can be dried for winter arrangements and next …

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8 Best Watering Practices for Plants


Plants need moisture to survive and thrive (as your plants will be all too willing to demonstrate if you’re too sparing with the watering can).  Give their roots enough water, and their breathing leaf pores (known botanically as stomata) can remain open for business, drawing up nutrient-rich water from the soil and taking in carbon …

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Top 10 Best-Tasting Cherry Tomatoes

043 (3)

Cherry tomatoes are garden candy. This time of year, my girls scour our plants each day looking for full-colored fruits just at their peak of sweetness. We grow several distinct varieties each year for snacking and salads. This year’s pickings include ‘Sun Sugar’, ‘Cream Amethyst’ and ‘Wild Sweetie’. Cherry tomatoes are natural tomato variants (Lycopersicon …

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