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When creating a work of art, it’s important to start with the right materials.

At Fafard®, we know it takes consistent, high-quality growing media to create floristic masterpieces, which is why our mixes are made with only the finest ingredients. At Fafard® we are masters in helping growers and gardeners achieve plant perfection.


Perennial Sunflowers are Fall Gold


Fall is for gold: golden trees, golden grasses and golden sunflowers glowing in the fading sun of the season. The many sunflowers of fall are especially glorious, and unlike the common annual sunflowers of summer, they are perennials that come back year after year. Their numerous species are also American natives that deserve a place …

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Happy Soil is Rich in Microbes


Behind (or rather, below) every healthy garden is a thriving population of bacteria (and fungi and other microbes). Every ounce of productive soil contains hundreds of millions of these microscopic critters, which are its very life. Feed the soil with organic matter (think compost), and the soil’s micro-life will respond in kind, converting nitrogen-containing compounds …

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Ornamental Grasses for Fall

The foxtail-like plumes of Pennisetums are striking in the fall garden.

Fall has emerged as a full-blown “third season” for gardeners, with as much color and interest as spring and summer.  Cooler temperatures make it easier to work outside and the fall garden renaissance has created an array of new plants to join the old standbys.  Among those new and newly rediscovered plants are many ornamental …

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Good String Beans for the Garden

purple podded pole

Whether bush or pole, wax or green, string beans are an essential part of any good vegetable garden. Their flavorful pods are rich in protein, and the plants fortify the soil with nitrogen—making them the best rotation crop to follow heavy feeders like tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.  Replenishing legume crops are also wonderfully easy to grow, …

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