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Native Trees and Shrubs for Oceanside Gardens

An oceanside garden poses special challenges for plants. The wind-whipped salt-laden air and sandy soil typical of such sites is […]

Fantastically Cool Ferns for Homes

Most home gardeners likely think of the lush, reliable Boston fern when thinking about ferns as houseplants, but there are […]

Creating Japanese Kokedama

Creating Japanese Kokedama

February can be the longest short month for gardeners. In cold winter climates it is frequently too soon to get […]

Best New Flowering Shrubs for 2024

Flowering shrubs are garden mainstays for bringing structure and seasonal color to beds, front borders, and large containers. 2024 brings […]

African Violets

The National Garden Bureau has decreed that 2024 is the “Year of the African Violet”.  Coming in January, generally a […]

Perfect Pie Apples

    Some apple varieties are just made for baking into pies. All good pie apples share several characteristics. Perhaps […]