Cool Summer Blues by Russell Stafford

Midsummer is a hot time in the perennial garden. This is true not only of the weather, but also of […]


Rudbeckias are as American as the Fourth of July. All 20-something species of this sunny-flowered genus call North America home, […]

Pest-Resistant Natives by Russell Stafford

  American gardeners who want to incorporate more native perennials into their plantings often come into conflict with two other […]

Tasty Native Perennials by Russell Stafford

  You can have your native perennials AND eat them too. As exhibit A, we present the following toothsome perennial […]

Beyond Forsythia by Russell Stafford

Forsythias are not the only shrubs that bloom bright yellow early in the year, despite being the only ones you’re […]

Succulents for Shade by Russell Stafford

  Succulents are not just for sun. In fact, some of the most fascinating of these arid-habitat plants thrive in […]