Cool Season Annuals for Spring and Fall

Cool Season Annuals for Spring and Fall

Annuals aren’t just a summer thing.  True, many popular annuals – such as marigolds, zinnias, castor beans, portulacas, and celosias […]

Ancient Tomatoes for Modern Gardens

Tomatoes have made an epic evolutionary journey from the currant-sized fruit of their wild ancestor to the beefsteak behemoths of […]

Native Trees and Shrubs for Oceanside Gardens

An oceanside garden poses special challenges for plants. The wind-whipped salt-laden air and sandy soil typical of such sites is […]

Perfect Pie Apples

    Some apple varieties are just made for baking into pies. All good pie apples share several characteristics. Perhaps […]

Haunted Black-Flowered Plants

Halloween is over, except for a few stray candy bars and other remains. So why not get a jump on […]

Native “Burning Bushes” for Bright Fall Color

  The five-alarm fall color of burning bush (Euonymus alatus) has won it a prominent place in gardens and landscape […]