Boosting The Garden’s Second Season

In early September many people can enjoy the garden’s “second season”, with weeks or even a month or two of […]

August Lilies

    When people think of hostas, they imagine mounds of lush green or variegated leaves that bring style and […]

Border Carnations

  Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus and hybrids), with their ragged, “pinked” edges, lovely colors and long vase life, are staples of [&helli...

Vines for Hanging Baskets

Nothing flatters a hanging basket like a “spiller” – a plant that cascades from its container in waves of foliage […]

Garden Perennials that Gently Self Sow

Garden Perennials that Gently Self Sow

Some perennials persist in the garden not only as over-wintering plants, but also via self-sown seedlings. With their penchant for […]

Simply Beautiful Stewartia

Simply Beautiful Stewartia

In spring, when everything bursts into flower, the world is full of trees in bloom.  But springtime is also the […]