Peach Flowers

Every year the color specialists at Pantone select a “color of the year”. For 2024 the color is “Peach Fuzz”, […]

Mouse Ear Hostas

    Hostas are the salvation of many a shade garden.  With leaves ranging from pale green to darkest blue-green, […]

Drought Tolerant Annuals for the Summer

Summer gardening is made easier with tough, drought-tolerant annuals, especially where summers are hot and dry. So many popular bedding […]

Lovely Lacecap Hydrangeas

In James McNeil Whistler’s famous 1871 painting, Whistler’s Mother, the title subject wears a lace cap and does not appear […]

The Best Hanging Basket Bloomers for Shade

Shaded porches and patios are prime spots for hanging baskets. We spend most of our outdoor leisure time in the […]

Summer Coleus for Nonstop Color

Summer Coleus for Nonstop Color

The old saying goes, “Call me anything you like, but don’t call me late for dinner.”  For a long time, […]