Cool Summer Blues by Russell Stafford

Midsummer is a hot time in the perennial garden. This is true not only of the weather, but also of […]

Caryopteris by Elisabeth Ginsburg

The first time I heard the word “bluebeard”, I thought about the old French fairy tale about a murderous nobleman […]

Late Summering Flowering Trees By Elisabeth Ginsburg

In spring the whole world seems to bloom, with a wide array of flowering trees and shrubs joining the parade […]

Great Groundcovers by Elisabeth Ginsburg

Perennial groundcovers are the workhorses of the garden—insulating the soil, smothering weeds and beautifying the landscape all at once.  Given [&h...

Shrubby Mallows

Everything has a season and midsummer is the time for mallows.  If the word “mallow” does not ring a bell, […]

Pest-Resistant Natives by Russell Stafford

  American gardeners who want to incorporate more native perennials into their plantings often come into conflict with two other […]