Irish Plants by Elisabeth Ginsburg

St. Patrick’s Day falls every year on March 17.  In some places spring has already sprung by mid-March, in others […]

Best Indoor Plant Gifts for Valentine’s Day by Elisabeth Ginsburg

The number of houseplant lovers has risen by leaps and bounds in recent years.  If someone you care for is […]

Orange Fruited Shrubs

Orange Fruited Shrubs

    It’s the season of orange. Orange leaves deck the trees. Orange pumpkins haunt porches. Containers of orange chrysanthemums […]

Shade-Loving Daisies

Shade-Loving Daisies

  The cheerful blooms of members of the daisy family (known botanically as the Asteraceae) assume starring roles in perennial […]

August Lilies

    When people think of hostas, they imagine mounds of lush green or variegated leaves that bring style and […]

Border Carnations

  Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus and hybrids), with their ragged, “pinked” edges, lovely colors and long vase life, are staples of [&helli...