Growing Winter Pears

Many of the finest pears (Pyrus communis) for growing and eating are harvested to perfection in the winter months. Their […]

August Lilies

August Lilies by Elisabeth Ginsburg   When people think of hostas, they imagine mounds of lush green or variegated leaves […]

Vines for Hanging Baskets

Nothing flatters a hanging basket like a “spiller” – a plant that cascades from its container in waves of foliage […]

The Most Fragrant Garden Roses

New roses are being bred with intoxicating fragrance once more, bringing a winning marriage of old-fashioned fragrance and new-rose vigor. […]

Spring Snowdrops and Snowflakes

Ah, the first snowdrop of spring. Or is it a spring snowflake? Both are early-blooming bulbs that bear nodding, white, […]

Spring Container Garden Tips

Every year on May first, home and business owners in Annapolis, Maryland create May baskets in an official celebration of […]

Easy Vegetables to Grow from Seed

Home vegetable gardening is riding a wave of popularity that is probably unprecedented since the Victory Gardens of World War […]