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    In July of 2012 Sun Gro® Horticulture acquired Conrad Fafard® bringing together two of the largest and most respected peat-based media companies in North America. Both were founded in the 1920s, so together they bring a wealth of experience along with all the premium horticultural products home gardeners have come to rely upon from Fafard. “The addition of Fafard into the Sun Gro family allows us to further strengthen our commitment to being a technological leader in producing premium quality lawn and garden products for the gardeners,” emphasized Blair Busenbark, Sun Gro’s National Marketing Manager. As an additional step towards integration, Sun Gro moved its headquarters to Agawam, Massachusetts where Fafard was traditionally headquartered.


    The Fafard retail line consists of a variety of premium peat-based and specialty plant mixes as well as soils and amendments, so gardeners are certain to find a product to fit their growing needs. All are based on popular Fafard professional growing mix formulations and consistently produce great gardens, which is why they have gained a loyal following.

    And loyal Fafard customers can expect the exact same products and consistent high-quality under Sun Gro Horticulture. “The only changes our customers might experience is an improved availability of products as we work to have the Fafard retail product line produced at Sun Gro network of plants across the United States,” Blair stressed. We are proud to know that Fafard planting products have been revered by home gardeners in the eastern United States for generations, and we hope to build upon that relationship for generations to come.